University Career Center and Hochschule RheinMain

Students and faculty from Hochschule RheinMain (Wiesbaden,
Germany) participated in a week-long consulting project at the
Lawrence Arts Center in September 2018. Wendy Shoemaker,
Senior Associate Director, KU University Career Center, who has
long-standing ties with the university, and Ann Hartley, UCC
Associate Director, joined their guests at the MKC for a talk by
Director Lorie Vanchena about Universalis Cosmographia, a world
map created by German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller in
1507, and how its history reflects the German-American relationship.


German Exchange Students at KU 2018-2019








The Max Kade Center invited German exchange students attending
KU 2018-2019 to meet German Studies faculty and students at a
reception in September 2018. Charles Bankart, Associate Vice
Provost of International Affairs, and Rachel Sherman Johnson,
Director of Internationalization and Partnerships, also attended the
meet & greet.