Jutta Behnen, Director, Goethe Pop Up Kansas City









Jutta Behnen, Director of the Goethe Pop Up Kansas City, visited
the Max Kade Center March 19, 2019, to speak with Jim Morrison
and Professors Nina Vyatkina and Lorie Vanchena about the Goethe
festival celebrating German-American friendship "through dialogue,
experience, and exchange."
Located in the Crossroads Arts District, Goethe Pop Up Kansas City
will host cultural events until November 2019. See their
Events calendar for a complete listing.


Renowned poet, literary scholar Paolo Valesio









The Max Kade Center was honored by a visit from renowned
scholar, poet, and literary critic Paolo Valesio, the Giuseppe
Ungaretti Professor Emeritus of Italian Literature at Columbia
University in New York, and his wife, Assunta. Professor Valesio
spoke at Spencer Research Library North Gallery on "Mysticism
and Poetry after Saint John of the Cross" (April 30, 2018). He
established the Centro Studi Sara Valesioa in Bologna for his
extensive personal library and toured the MKC to learn more
about the Center's approach to collection management.

IDRH Post-Doctoral Researcher Dhanashree Thorat

Dhanashree Thorat, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities,
situates her research at the intersection of Digital Humanities,
Postcolonial Studies, and Asian American Studies. Her work
investigates the manner in which digital spaces, specifically
digital archives and social media, codify hegemonic narratives of
Muslims in the post-9/11 moment, and how Muslims use these
same spaces to articulate political agency and intervene in
mainstream conversations about their racialized bodies.